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Welcome to JSummer - an exciting Jewish summer camp for children from 5 to 12 years old! Our camp lasts 12 days and is a day camp. Parents can bring their children in the morning and pick them up in the evening. This year all participants will enter the Jewish Kingdom "J-Kingdom"!

Do you want your child to spend the summer on an exciting adventure full of interesting tasks and new friends? Then register your child for JSummer Jewish Summer Day Camp!

Kingdom J-Kingdom

Participants find themselves in the kingdom of J-Kingdom and find the book of legends of King Shlomo, from which they learn that only one heir can ascend to the throne - our main character, Ben Melech. He asks the participants for help in uncovering the secrets of King Shlomo and returning life to the kingdom.


Participants complete daily quests to learn the wisdom of the various rooms of the J-Kingdom. By filling the rooms with meaning and completing tasks, participants see their transformation and receive bracelets with symbols reflecting the learned wisdom.


The camp ends with a celebration - the coronation of Ben Melech, who, thanks to the help of the participants, becomes a wise ruler. His advisors are also crowned kings of their lives.

Thematic content of the days

Day 1 - "Welcome to J-Kingdom"

  • Lesson “Group acquaintance and icebreakers”

  • General camp event “Getting to know each other” 

  • Evening event "Legends of J-kingdom"

Day 2 - "Library"

  • Lesson "Torah"

  • STEAM lesson “Creating a 3D book”

  • Evening event quest “Secret Cipher”

Day 3 - "Clock tower"

  • Lesson “The Importance of Time”

  • STEAM lesson “Creating your own clock”

  • Evening event at the “5 Senses” relaxation station

Day 4 - "Refectory"

  • Lesson "Kashrut"

  • STEAM activity “Learning food coloring and making dishes”

  • Evening event economic business game “Creating a Restaurant”

Day 5 - “Reception hall”

  • Shabbat lesson

  • STEAM activity “Creating a Shabbat Box”

  • Evening event of the art station “Fill your box”

Day 6 - “Palace Square”

  • Lesson “Good deeds”

  • STEAM lesson “New technologies and good deeds”

  • Evening event with parents of the Good Deeds station

Day 7 - “Theater”

  • Lesson “Purity of speech”

  • STEAM lesson “Creating a character and shooting Stop Motion”

  • Evening event master classes “Types of theaters”

Day 8 - “Prayer Hall”

  • Lesson “Prayer”

  • STEAM lesson “Communications”

  • Evening event intellectual game

Day 9 - “Utility yard”

  • Lesson "Industriousness"

  • STEAM lesson “Creating a product from A to Z”

  • Evening event game “City of Professions”

Day 10 - “Room with Mirrors”

  • Lesson "Agavat Israel"

  • STEAM lesson “Experiments and puzzles with mirrors”

  • Evening event is yoursmagical evening performance

Day 11 - “Family Museum”

  • Lesson “Respect for parents”

  • STEAM activity “Art-family T-shirt”

  • Evening event with parents quest “Our Memory”

Day 12 - "Coronation"

  • Lesson “How our camp went”

  • Lesson Art event “My Memories”

  • Closing evening event “Coronation of Ben Malech”

Do you want your child to spend the summer on an exciting adventure full of interesting tasks and new friends?

Register your child for JSummer Jewish Summer Day Camp!

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